Stainless Steel polishing process

Tre P deals with the polishing process necessary after the stone grinding to achieve a better surface, because sometimes stone grinding is not enough to reach the final target of roughness (RA=0.02).

Centreless electropolishing (or fine belt grinding) is a machining process that uses fine abrasive belts to remove material from a work piece.

Stainless Steel tube finishing line with 4 pressure controlled belt-grinding stations and 4 adjustable angle buffing stations. Wet belt grinding and mirror finish buffing with automatic compound system in one pass.

Diameter 12 to 80 mm are automatically loaded from a tube loader.


Grinding and polishing to improve the finish of small, medium and large metal components, round pipes, hydraulic piston, processing before coating, etc

Inner tubes or piston rods with a good initial surface, which require an end finish of 0.02-0.06 µm Ra prior to industrial hard chroming-plating are finished with different grinding grain belts.

Multi-station systems can perform several grinding operations economically and quickly in one pass and without a belt change.

The multi-station system increases the capacity and reduces considerably the handling cost, loading robot, since several working cycles can be completed in one step.

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Special polishing characteristics

Special Features and Benefits:

  • Pressure controlled polishing
  • Easy operation with computer controlled features
  • High surface qualities can be easily achieved
  • Fast polishing with multi head grinding sequence
  • Constant polishing results for quality and consistency
  • Grinding w/o chatter marks and tearing from bonded wheel
  • Low maintenance with high productivity
  • Quick belt change feature for reduced down time
  • No dust emission with wet grinding
  • Covered stations for low noise emission
  • Boost productivity