Hydraulic cylinder components

Tre-p realized all kind of components for all the major European hydraulic cylinder and forks manufacturers, and through them, its products equip the most prestigious motorbike companies in circulation like: BMW, Ducati, Aprilia, KTM, BETA, etc. GUZZI.

The high quality standard of our galvanic systems used by our company, allows us to realize custom designed hydraulic cylinders, both for mass production as for small series.

We are the number one manufacturers in Italy for the best motorcycle companies. We deal with hard chromium-plating treatments of hydraulic telescopic cylinders, destined for truck tippers, and rods for digger hydraulic cylinders.

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Product range

The company’s most important product range is the realization of pipes for motorcycle forks. In the production of our forks, the company encloses all its experience accumulated over the years and the consolidated collaboration with its employees.

Our products range vary for both diameters and length, making them versatile for the most varied applications defined by our customers. The company is organized both for OEM’s mass production as for the realization of products in small series destined to the market of spares.

The ability to run the entire production process in-house, makes Tre-P a unique reality in the European scene: from a raw material acquisition, to the machining, grinding, electroplating and surface finishing treatments.

All the products manufactured, before the delivery to the final customer, are first subject to a visual selection, in order to identify and eliminate all smaller surface defects attributable to natural deviation of the base material.

Personalized products

You can send us the design of the project you need and we will deal with the precise creation of the mechanical component.

Before delivering the final part to our customer, we personally test every component and deal with any kind of adjustment.

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