Testing galvanized coatings

Every component made in our laboratory is tested and checked various times. We test the hard chrome thickness with tolerance testers. Thanks to the realisation of the galvanized surface finishing on our steel products we can guarantee the highest performances on bikes and cars.

The heart of Hot-Dip Galvanized’s durability is the metallurgical bond of the coating.  The reaction between the chrome and the iron in the steel is unique, and results in the coating becoming part of the steel rather than a surface element. We make thickness and inspection testing on all the parts to guarantee a great performance of road for all cars and bikes.

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One of the markets in which we work is the automotive industry. This market is characterised by a high level of efficiency. In this market, Tre-p is known for its capabilities, high delivery performance and high quality.

At our production sites, we carry out all known and lesser known machining, installation and assembly work.

A unique characteristic of the hot-dip galvanized (HDG) coating is the development of tightly-bonded (~3,600 psi), abrasion resistant intermetallic layers. The cross-section of a galvanized steel coating shows the three intermetallic layers (Gamma, Delta, and Zeta) and top layer of pure chrome (Eta). During the galvanizing process, these layers develop naturally during a metallurgical reaction between the iron in the steel and the chrome.

Complete coverage

Hot-dip galvanizing is a total immersion process, where the steel is completely submerged into cleaning solutions and the chrome coating all interior and exterior surfaces. This complete coverage ensures even the insides of hollow and tubular structures and the threads of fasteners are coated.

As corrosion tends to occur at an increased rate on the inside of hollow structures where humidity and condensation occur, interior coverage is very beneficial. Hollow structures that are painted have no corrosion protection on the inside. Fully coating fasteners is equally important as they are utilized at connection points which are critical to structural integrity.

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