Hydraulic pump parts

Tre-P is specialized in the production of all sorts of hydraulic system components. Every component made in our laboratory is tested and checked various times. We test our hydraulic pump parts; we check the hard chrome thickness with tolerance testers. Thanks to the realisation of the galvanized surface finishing on our steel products we can guarantee the highest performances on bikes and cars.

We are worldwide suppliers for the most important automotive realities like: BMW, Ducati, Aprilia, KTM, BETA, etc. GUZZI.

Continuous improvements in history

One of the best examples of continuous improvement is certainly the automotive industry. One of the most well-known examples is the introduction of the conveyor belt in 1913. As a result, production costs went down and a great deal of time was saved as well. It eventually only took an incredible 93 minutes to assemble the famous T-Ford, and millions of these models would consequently leave the factory. Nowadays, many car manufacturers are still known for their culture of process improvement. Toyota staff, for example, annually generate hundreds of thousands of ideas for process optimisation, of which 90 per cent are actually implemented.

At Tre-p, too, there is a fully developed culture of continuous process improvement. Not only do our clients expect us to supply high-quality precision mechanical components and assemblies, they also expect the right number to be delivered at the right moment. Whether this is several items or thousands of items annually is irrelevant to Tre-p. This is why we are always focused on further process optimisation. If we can implement an improvement somewhere, we do our best to reach it. When it comes down to it, we are the extension of your production process, and we take this responsibility very seriously. It is no coincidence that we are known to our clients for our high delivery performance and high quality.