Customised motorcycle parts

Tre-p deals with chrome plating services for motorcycle components, we are specialized in the production of engineering parts destined to the highest quality and well-known brands like: BMW, Ducati, Aprilia, KTM, BETA, etc. GUZZI.

For mechanical parts you can contact Tre-P directly, we deal with worldwide deliveries.

Customer care

All our customers can request a meeting or send us directly a request or a feasibility offer, we then check the feasibility of the request and the study of the dedicated equipment. We prepare a technical analysis, we then confront the design project with our customer and define the final price.

We prepare prototypes in micro series, which’s efficiency can be tested by the client himself, who will then approve or modify the piece until its adaptation is perfect.

Attractive aesthetics

Aesthetics are important to nearly all of our construction project. Whether an attractive, artfully designed sculpture, architecturally exposed steel element, bridge, bus station, or other infrastructure element, galvanized steel offers design flexibility, and an attractive, natural grey finish – or if colour is desired it can be easily painted or powder coated.

The components we design are all distinguished for their design and durability, necessary on all automotive products.

Contact us directly to know more about our services.