Galvanising process

Tre-p company internally, in addition to the work of two chemists with extensive experience in the steel coating industry, has a fully equipped research and development laboratory for the main controls and wear resistant and hardness tests.

Our team is a highly professional one; we are specialised in the galvanising process of metal components, realizing resistance coatings to prevent corrosion and any kind of wear exposure.

Entrust our laboratory of expert chemists for your metallic components.

Specific equipment

Our specific equipment to aid the daily activity is composed of:

  • Salt spray test
  • Microhardness tester
  • Microscope
  • Couloscope
  • Thermic shock avon

The automotive industry in continuously subject to improvement. Our main customers are the competition cars industries, from Formula 1 to speedboat racing, from Moto Gp to ogg-road vehicles, especially BMW and Ducati.

We never stop improving

Tre-p has lately obtained the TUV ISO 9001:2008 certification and will ultimate the ISO 14001:2004 one in 2017.

We mainly work in Europe, many companies like us are specialized in the chromium processing, but we differ for our quality services, our sector requires many quality characteristics.

We realize different processes on all kind of components, especially from the automotive and engineering sectors. We don’t only work on automotive parts, we also realize components and parts, our sector requires high performances, we can personalize any kind of product.

Contact us directly to know more about our services, we can realize any kind of process on all parts for the automotive sector.