Tre-p srl

TRE P was founded in the 2011 from people that have a lot of experience in galvanic treatments, surface preparations, and mechanical machining. The know-how of TRE-P’s people was since the beginning a guarantee for the start-up of processes and their stability.

TRE-P manages all the production process, from the raw material to the finished product, without needing to ask collaborations.

That gives us Flexibility, Stability, Quality and the advantage to have immediate feedback. We are number one motorbike components manufacturers and suppliers. We deal with nickel-chrome plating, stainless steel galvanization, with all sorts of chroming metal specialists.

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Our departments

Our structure allows us to make all the necessary working steps to obtain our final product, starting to different type of steel cold drawn tubes:

  • commercial length tubes
  • hardened tubes in fixed length

Turning department

  • Six numerical control lathes, including 2 bi-spindles and 2 robotic islands, allow to work particulars with diameter from 20 to 50 mm.
  • Strict dimensional controls ensure the total respect of tight tolerances asked by customers

Grinding department

A center less grinding line, for different type of:

  • inner tube
  • finishing

The line has composed by 4 machines, and they guarantee:

  • dimensional and geometrical precision
  • excellent finishing level

Hard-chrome and Nickel-chrome plating processes are modern and high efficiency galvanic treatment to industrial structure with low environment impact.

Finishing department- two different steps:

  1. Before galvanic plating (for inner tubes with very high quality surface performance)
  2. After galvanic Plating: able to obtain every kind of finishing, with The most advanced center less belt technology.

Taking advantage of “super-finishing” system, we are able to reach surface performance of high qualitative level.


TRE-P’s laboratory:

  • Analyses the quality of galvanic thickness coating to validate our production process;
  • Check and interview on chemical parts of plants;

Visual check:

Necessary if customers require a visual check on the outside surface, to be sure that defects cannot compromise the sliding performance of the components;

Our products:

  • Front fork inner tubes: From OEM series to Racing our front forks inner tubes are assembled on the high-quality motorcycles in the world;
  • Hard anodized aluminium shafts: McPherson tubes and Piston Rods;
  • Hydraulic (grease) track adjusters components: Car lift components;

High technology

Thanks to the improvements in our metal industrial, we are able to guarantee a worldwide careful and accurate assistance.

We have clients in all parts of the world, for further information on costs and services please contact us directly.