Aluminium Anodizing and Hard Anodizing

Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process, this process is used to increase the thickness of the natural oxidation layer on the aluminium parts surfaces.

Tre P deals with the aluminium hard anodizing process, which increases hardness and wear and corrosion resistance.

Thanks to the highly qualified production of anodized elements, Tre P improves lubrication and adhesion.

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When do you apply hard anodizing?

Hard anodizing is typically applied to heavy wear industrial parts, that are intended for use in aggressive or highly corrosive applications.

These coatings are typically thicker and harder than the decorative ones, and usually lend the parts a durability approaching that of hard faced or case hardened steel.

Hard coated items usually have a dark grey- black finish. This can vary depending on the aluminium alloy.

One of the Tre P’s main purposes with the hard anodizing is to make the aluminium more resistant to corrosion. The thicker oxidized layer protects the finished part from being exposed to moisture, oxygen, and other factors. The sealed items are even more corrosion resistant.

The outside coating is also extremely hard, much harder than the original metal.

The oxide layer is part of the metal, it won’t peel off and the surface finish will increase.

Fantastic performances

The combination between micro-finishing and anodization guarantees the obtaining of anodized aluminium performance, with roughness values of less than RA=0.1.

Hard anodized metals are usually very well insulated they are not heat or electricity conductors.

This feature is especially useful for applications that require the parts to be used at high temperatures, like with motorbikes and other car sectors.

Tre P deals with competition cars, from Formula 1 to speedboat racing, from Moto Gp to ogg-road vehicles.

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