We supply high-quality precision mechanical components for the highest quality and well-known motorbike brands

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 Nickel-chrome services

A world-wide galvanization company

Hard-chrome Plating

Tre-p born in 2011 is nowadays a consolidated galvanising company specialized in all kinds of processes like: polishing, finishing, microfinishing, turning and anodizing.

Our company operates in the production field of motorbike components, such as forks, steel tubes and aluminium rods for internal cartridges. Although young, the company inherits the experience gained by its owners and its employees, gained from a ten year relationship within the Paioli Meccanica Spa Group, centuries-old company which operates precisely in the design, manufacture and sale of bike forks.

We conduct our business in a 2.000 square meters’ plant, more than 3.500 square meters annexed outdoor. Currently, Tre P Srl has 11 employees, more than 3 million turnover and provides the major fork manufacturers of in Europe: KTM, Ohlins, Zf Sachs Italy.

Contact us directly for further information, we deal with worldwide orders.

Hard Chrome-plating

This type of special plating is characterized by its hardness, it measures between 950 to 1200 HV (69 to 72 HRC). The Hard Chroming is thicker than the decorative chrome, with standard thickness ranging from 15µm to 35µm, but it can be an order of magnitude thickness for extreme wear resistance requirements.

Nickel-Chrome plating

The Nickel-Chrome plating refers to a dual-layer compound of nickel and hard chrome. This process is an electroplating process, which provides a corrosion and wear resistance above all the standards a normal chrome plating can provide. Tre-P knows how to chrome motorcycle parts thanks to this type of coatings, which provide increased corrosion resistance.


Tre-p internally, has two chemists with extensive experience in the steel coating industry, a fully equipped research and development laboratory for the main controls, chemical analysis and wear resistant and hardness tests. Our team is a highly professional one; we are specialised in the galvanising process of metal components, realizing resistance coatings to prevent corrosion and any kind of wear exposure.

Customer Process development

All our customers can request a meeting or send us directly a request or a feasibility offer, we then check the feasibility of the request and the study of the dedicated equipment. We prepare a price offer, we then confront the design project with our customer and define the final price. We prepare prototypes in micro series.

Customer assistance

Our costumers mainly belong to the motorcycle and automotive sector. We are one of the best companies, in Europe, specialized in the hard nikel-chrome plating process of precision metallic components.  Our clients expect from us only the best quality service and products, we deliver mechanical components worldwidely that can guarantee the best performance for all type of applications.


Tre-p is a company of motorcycle parts manufacturers, we are suppliers throughout Europe of anodized and chromium steel shafts for rear suspensions, fork springs, shock absorbers, hydraulic pump components, aluminium shafts, components designed by customers.

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